Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Purse Payout

The astounding news of Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul has been making us expected of the result. February 20th is an anticipated date for the match announced by Floyd Mayweather. The YouTube bozo Logan Paul is his opponent to whom he is to defeat.

Location and fight card have not yet been decided. But the Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul’s fans are grilling about the Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Purse Payout. There is still a lot of query about what the purse payout will be among Mayweather and Paul. You can also check Mayweather vs Logan Paul Live Reddit Stream Free.

Do you want to know the exact discussions of it? Then have a short read of my article. Your confusion about the matter will surely get minimized through my concept.

How much will be the payout of Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul?

About the Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Purse Payout, we know that both of them made a huge amount for the fight. Getting back to the previous fights of Mayweather, Mayweather Vs McGregor, the purse payout for the fight, was $280 million for Mayweather and $130 million for McGregor. Again during the fight of Pacquiao Vs Mayweather, the payout was $72,198,500.

From the above sequence, you must have understood how much high is the payout of Floyd Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul’s rivalry has been the reason for their match. If the payout comes to be less, then it won’t be worth enjoyable.

We know that Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul’s match will be streamed live on pay-per-view on Fangio. It will be $24.99$ for the first million purchases each. It also has a transmission charge of 1.62 on the

top of the flat fee. In the starting of February, the price jumps to $69.9, disregarding the number of purchases.

Going to the salary of Mayweather, his total career earnings is more the $1.1 billion. The net worth of Mayweather is $450 million. He is the 5th highest-paid athlete. There are very few sportspersons whose net worth increased $1 billion. We can’t predict now what the exact purse payout of Floyd Mayweather would be. It can be obviously said that payout is going to be really high.

It has been found from a few circumstances that the fee will initially begin with $39.99. Then on December 29, it will increase to $59.99 and $69.99 on 11 February.

The cut-throat sponsorship is yet to be decided. So it has not been exactly clear how much money Mayweather and Paul will gain from the fight in February.

A report from Forbes received that Mayweather has accumulated $1 billion as price money during his executive vocation. Consequently, we may see that Mayweather, the richest athlete, increases his net value in the upcoming 2021 bout.


Logan Paul, a famous YouTuber, has estimated $90000 from his first professional match against KSI. As he was not satisfied, he walked away to coax himself because of the loss.

Because of Floyd Mayweather’s expulsion, the promised payout is probably anticipated to be large for both the fighters. Also, we can see that Logan has been waiting for a challenge with Floyd Mayweather. So it will be difficult to say that if Logan gets defeated this time.

The fight will be accessible to gape through pay-per-view on Fanmio. The pay-per-view will obviously get proceeded by both the players as they are bound to net a portion.

How much will Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul make for each other?

Mayweather, 43 is a retired professional boxer. “The Money fight” was his last bout against McGregor in August 2017. He obtained a huge amount of money from that match, and he is considered one of the highest payout fighters. So this time there is no offence that the payout will be anywhere less than before

Previously, Mayweather pledged a divulged paycheck of $100 million. Significantly, the purse is expected to be higher as a piece of news came forward that Mayweather is allegedly earning $250 million from a match.

Fanmio offers great packages for the fans to meet with the celebrities, and the fans will stream a fight on pay-per-view. According to, the prices start from $25. From the past 10 years, Mayweather has raked in $915 million.

Logan Paul is so famous for making a high price for the match. You may have seen that he blogged a video on the lifestyle in Los Angeles. His videos get popular and a matter of discussion with millions of likes and subscriptions. So we can say that the purse payout of Logan Paulis no less than Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Purse Payout

Final Verdict

I hope the matter of Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Purse Payout is almost clear to you. Mayweather, a title-holder, has left a mark as a champion in the heart of his fans. The fans of Logan Paul are also awaiting direly to see his efficiency on a thing where he is not much advocated.

The exact topic is the purse payout of Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul. Mayweather is so rich that an affordable payout doesn’t look that

much sufficient. The match is still to be hoped that’s why location is undetermined. Many scandals may come about the purse payout. As a result, we can’t predict the exact payout.

But from deep research, my abstract is close to the due information. Let me know your feedback with an absolute verdict.

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