Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Betting Odds 2021

We know that a surprising match between the boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and YouTube superstar Logan Paul will clutch on the upcoming February 20. You can get the boxing odds live in their exhibition. All the fans want to know more about their Betting Odds at an instant.

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Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Fight

From a lot of interpretation, it has been found that Floyd targeted on Logan Paul being hauled on the litter. The audience will surely anticipate more actions as both the opponents don’t match at all.

The price will be -150 for getting knocked down for Paul. It is evident to all about the fighting spirit of Floyd Mayweather. Though he will always entertain the audience with his defensive skill, it is considered an easy task for him to outdo his opponent.

Betting Odds

Here I am going to show you a stimulated table on the betting odds of Floyd got and Logan Paul From via online, it has been transpired that among the fight winners the range of Floyd Mayweather was -5000 (1-50) and Logan Paul was +1500 (15-1).

Again, on the recording of the first fighter to bleed – Floyd Mayweather was +550 (11-2) and Logan Paul -1000 (1-10).

Considering the terms on Logan Paul will get knocked out,

  • Floyd Mayweather – Yes -150 (2-3)
  • Logan Paul – No +120 (6-5)
Fighter Odds
Floyd Mayweather -100000
Draw +1600
Logan Paul +2000

Reading Boxing Odds

Betting in boxing is considered as judging who will be the ultimate winner of the bout.

In front of -5000, Floyd Mayweather has the odds of the minus sign. To win $100, those who betted will wage $5000. On the other hand, Logan Paul being an underdog, will have to pay +1500 if he wins. So we can say that there will be a profit of $1500 if we wage $100.

Where to Bet on Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Odds?

One of the best sources to best on Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Odds is the best sportsbook. It is a selective book for the billed exhibition of Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Odds.

Wrapping up

From the above discussion, it has been cleared that the profit gained on $100 on betting Floyd Mayweather $5000. A gigantic favourite of -5000 is Floyd Mayweather. On the other hand, the seat is +1500 for the bet on Logan Paul.

The fans of Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul are immense throughout the world.

It is evident to most of us that in Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul’s boxing match, the victory is confirmed for Floyd Mayweather. But the situation is not on anyone’s handle. Therefore the fans of Logan Paul have been keeping their fingers crossed.

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